Are you ready?

Are you prepared for a wildfire on your social media assets?
Avoid turning a crisis into a social media disaster,
train your team for a social media crisis.

What we do

We believe training is the basis of being prepared for either an emergency situation or the day to day glitch every company encounters on its social media properties, in order to anticipate and simulate every possible situation.

To train those in charge of your social media assets, we have developed an advanced alternate reality serious gaming platform, enabling your team to experience what would happen in any unexpected situation and test their response capabilities.

Don’t let your brand get caught in a wildfire, be prepared and gain some significant experience without any risk, by deploying sophisticated crisis scenarios in a closed environment and letting your social media experts test their reflexes and tactical capabilities.

How we do it

Petri-dish like social sandbox

We create simulated social media environment, allowing us to setup social sandboxes where you can experiment anything and interact with it.

Alternate reality gaming

Adding a simulated universe made of machine-controlled sockpuppet and content creates an alternative reality used as a gaming universe.

Education through simulation

Learning through gaming and simulation requires a specific environment where teachers and students can interact in an efficient way.

Realistic online crowd

Realistic simulation of crowd behavior is achieved via advanced AI engines and a specifically designed scripting language.

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent agent enable ultra realistic crowd effects and total or semi-automatic life simulation in simulated environments.

Conversational agents

Advanced conversational capabilities makes human-machine interaction looks like real-life taking place on social media.

Tactical capabilities

Inspired by strategy gaming engines, machine-driven tactical and strategic approach to confrontation enables intelligent crowd simulation.

Crisis scripting language

To create each alternate-reality environment, we use a specifically designed scripting language enabling pinpoint control on every aspect of the simulated world.

Real/alternate time

The way times flow during a simulation is a big deal, it need to encompass not only the timeframe of the simulated event, without altering an emotional and educational experience. We have answers.

We believe simulating various situation on social media is the best way to educate those who are in charge of a brand’s online presence.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique educational platform to give students the ability to test their capabilities when it comes to handling unexpected situation on social networks.

Why Sowarga?

If it can go wrong, it probably will go wrong. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.¬†Prepare, don’t wait until something goes wrong. Identify who is best suited to be responsible with dealing with issues in advance.¬†Educate all relevant people in your company and rehearse a few scenarios. Make sure everyone is ready in the event of a crisis. Test your approach to dealing with negative incidents Test the way you manage each issue

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Are you a large company with some extensive social media property?

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